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Policies and Program

About our program


Our recreational program is from September until June with a end of the year recital. Our goal is to ensure a proper education as well as a fun and enjoyable time for the dancers and the families. 

We do stop taking enrollments in the beginning of December. Towards the middle of December we will announce costumes as well as costume fees. Costumes do take months to receive so we can not accept more students unless it is a non recital class or they do not participate in the recital at that time. 

Classes are subject to change due to amount of enrollments and classes can be added if waitlists occur. If there is less than 4 students enrolled in a class we will either combined a class or transfer the students to another class.

Dress Code / Shoes

Dress code can vary based on class type. All classes require clothing that is of athletic attire to ensure the dancer can move accordingly. We ask if they are wearing shorts they have tights or leggings underneath. We do require hair be up or out of the dancers face so it is not distracting during class. 

We do order shoes directly through the dance studio. We size the students and order for the families to make it easier and convenient. If a student has previous shoes they can wear them for class however they do need to have uniformed shoes for recital. 


Stay up to date


We are very involved in posting on our social media platforms as well as our website. There will be a monthly email sent our on the first of every month during our season to ensure parents are up to date on all fees, costumes, special visitor and viewing day and events going on throughout the year. 

Please follow us on Facebook, and instagram for other announcements. 

Tuition / Fees

All Lessons are paid for in advance, due the 1st of each month. You will not receive a bill prior to the due date of tuition. Late notices will be emailed to all past due accounts. There will be a $15 added charge for any account not paid in full by the 10th of the month. This charge will continue to be added each month that month's tuition payment remains late. For example, if October's tuition is not paid by November 10th, an additional $30 late charge will be assessed for October. Miss Alessias Dance Artistry reserves the right to refuse placing orders and/or withhold. merchandise/costumes for past due accounts until account balance is paid. Delinquent accounts will be forwarded to a collection agency and any costs or legal fees will be the responsibility of the account holder to reimburse.

Monthly Fees

30 minute class - $50 a month

1 hour class - $72 a month

1 hour and 30 minute class - $93 a month


Heath and Safety Guidelines

MADA strives to be a clean and safe environment for all students and family members​. To ensure the necessary guidelines we do keep a clean space daily for everyone but please abide by the following:

  • No outside shoes on the dance floor

  • Only water allowed on the dance floor

  • All food and snacks to be nut free and kept in waiting area only.

  • If a student has any symptoms of cold / flu please please do not enter studio until discussing with physician

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