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Passion. Precision. Grace.

The MADA Way

Our Mission


Miss Alessia’s Dance Artistry is a place for students of all ages to express themselves in their own creativity. MADA will strive to have all students be able to gain confidence to make the dance floor their own world. Our goal is to create a family atmosphere for dancers of all ages and levels to feel at home and safe to not only perform but create on their own as well. 

With experienced instructors that vary in all genres and expertise, MADA will continue to to learn as instructors to bring the most up to date as well as classical educations that can be offered. 

Founder & Director


Alessia DiCecco

Miss Alessia

She began dancing since the age of 3 and has never looked back. She competed since the age of 5 and had multiple title solo wins as well as overall high scoring dances. Miss Alessia also trained at Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway, French American School of Ballet and did many summer intensives to continue her education as a dancer.

Miss Alessia started to teach as a head instructor at her local dance studio at the age of 14 and got her first choreography award at 16. She was an E-board member of her college dance club at University at Albany while teaching at a local studio to her college as the assistant director. Miss Alessia has since won multiple choreography award and special awards for her work.

Miss Alessia believes that the dance floor is a home of all no matter the level, age or ability. She wants to continue to inspire children of all ages with her art. Opening MADA has been a dream of hers for years. As she believes with proper training and experiences that anyone can be a great dancer as long as they have the passion. 



Taylor Forcelli

Miss Taylor has been dancing since the age of 3 and started competing not long after. Miss Taylor continued to dance in her college dance club at University at Albany and started to choreograph multiple genres throughout her years there. After college Miss Taylor has continued her passion for teaching. She has received a choreography award as well as special awards for creativity for her dances. 

Miss Taylor is currently studying to become a nurse but continues her passion by teaching on the dance floor. 


Mrs. Ada

Mrs. Ada is our front office admin! A former dance mom Mrs. Ada spent many years watching Miss Alessia learn and flourish on the dance floor. As a former artist and culinary instructor Mrs Ada Always loved the arts and loves being part of the studio. IF you are looking for a lollipop or a snack visit Mrs. Ada in the office!


Bianca Bevevino

Miss Bianca is currently a sophomore at Pace University studying English and minoring in film. She has been dancing since the age of two and has competed throughout the northeast. Miss Bianca was also captain of her High School dance team while being a competitive dancer at her mother's dance studio. At the age of 15 Miss Bianca started to instruct classes on her own in various styles. Bianca continues her dance career on her college dance team.

Miss Bianca was inspired to teach dance because she was able to find family throughout dance growing up. Her goal is is to help other kids have the same experience. 

Young Ballet Class
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